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More than explainer videos: You’ll get a smart lifetime campaign to conquer your audience in seconds!


A mexican company specialized in inbound marketing.

We want to help you seize your project’s value, selling fast and better through the magic of storytelling.

We call it Explainer Legends. That’s about breaking down complicated products into easy to understand stories for new and existing customers.



Cartoons are the most entertaining way to share your ideas when you want conversions. Simple sells better.


Save time and money! Each Legend is a lifetime automatic sales tool that pays for itself in the short term.


Optimize your meetings, inspire your followers, and enhance your SEO, all with the same video!


Digital B-Cards

Simple presentations to share via email, whatsapp and social media.

Explainer Legends

Smart and automated videos that engage people in 60 seconds, everywhere.

Pocket Bytes

Looped content for your social media posts that builds your brand.

Snappy Gifs

Light animations that easily exemplifies content. Ideal for web and presentations.

Getting Started is Easy


Free 20 Min Chat

We’ll ask you some details to help you make the best choice with your budget.

3 Easy Steps

We’ll guide you along the way through our proved time-saving production process.

Share It!

Congrats! Now you’ve got a lifetime tool to show your awesome ideas to the world.


Compelling Stories

No one will hear your product’s features, unless you tell a great story about it. This is your most valuable asset to perform sales, so let us take care of it.

Infinite Changes

You’ll have as many rounds of changes needed per stage only in Our Legends, so you have to sign after finishing each one in order to continue the process.

Measurable Results

We’re more than just business toons. Your Legend will have a unique mkt goal, keywords, a call to action and trackable data.

Premium Design

Content matters, so go for the safe way sharing your ideas clearly. What isn’t designed is just accidental and it may be costly.

Custom Crafted

Enjoy being the best option for your customers, whether if your competence have a templated poor video or not.

Free Project Files

If you need separately the characters of your video or maybe some of its elements, you can use it wherever you like!

Any Language

Do you need a video in english translated to chinese? We got you covered beesides your location.

Smartly Located

As we’re at México, our services are more affordable than in other countries, plus with a better artistic quality.


More message retention

Seconds of video is worth 1.8 million words


Said video is the content with the best ROI


More shared than text and images combined



Raúl González

CEO S4IOT (Solutions for IoT)

A great job! It has worked a lot to communicate our value proposition and was key to assist to the #CES2018 at Las Vegas.

Lorena Corona

CEO My Little Baby

Thank you very much for all your effort and work in the video, we loved it. It has been very useful to increase sales with our customers and distributors!

Omar Ruíz

Founder Emprender Para Crecer

It is gratifying to work with a team whose main virtues are talent, creativity and professionalism.

Eduardo Maravilla

CEO Dry and Cold Box Carrocerías

They took care of both the video and the identity, starting from scratch. I did not imagine what the final result would be but I am very happy to have trusted you.

Ángel Aguilar

CEO Plan y Acción

A great professional result! Our Legend is very useful to explain everything we do, and optimize our conferences.

Eduardo Furlong

CEO Bluebird 

We know how important collaborative work is, and we have loved working together with a studio as creative, professional and fun as Ketza Studio is.

David Jauregui

CEO Totalshower

We are very satisfied with the work done by the ketza Studio team, they showed professionalism and they met our expectations. The product delivered was of high quality, and we highly recommend its services!

What is the average production time, and how does the payment works?

It might be from 2 to 8 weeks, so the average is 4 weeks after the script is approved. Also we need 50% at start, and 50% after video is complete, in order to deliver it to you.

Can you guys give me a discount for many videos?
Yes! Just let’s have a call to give you a fully-customized order.


Some of the most common questions that our customers ask before creating their awesome Legends!


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Let's talk about a HUGE debate - You finally realized an explainer video could really pump your sales up! But now you got a tough choice to make: Do I go Live Action with the real actors, blinding lights and big ass cameras or shall I go animated, with the toonish...

Why sould I hire someone to make my Explainer Video?

To make an Explainer video by yourself is easier today than never before!   The main reason of this Video-maker servers BOOM is that the animated pitch of your company, business or product has become a key factor in the common sales funnel.   Your clients need to...

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